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Jaar Wit-Rusland (totaal).674.000.899. Stedelijke bevolking 900.000 990.100.924.500.619.500.605.100.890.600.361.500.731.900.967.400.077.100.413.300 Plattelandsbevolking.774.000.909.000.121.600.089.500.542.300.101.600.230.300.457. vooral het Wit-Russische platteland loopt. In 1940 woonden er nog ruim zeven miljoen mensen op het platteland, terwijl dat aantal in 2018 tot een minimum van 2 miljoen is gedaald. Een gemiddeld dorpje telt slechts 89 inwoners, terwijl dat in de jaren zestig nog zo'n 210 inwoners bedroeg. Veel dorpen zijn erg dunbevolkt en bestaan volledig uit ouderen. Demografische gegevens bewerken In 2017 bedroeg het geboortecijfer 10,8 en het sterftecijfer ongeveer 12,5. De natuurlijke bevolkingsgroei is al sinds 1993 negatief en bedraagt in 2017 1,8 (ongeveer.700). Jaar bevolking (x1000) 8 Geboortecijfer sterftecijfer geboorteoverschot gemiddeld aantal kinderen per vrouw 2017.492 10,8 12,5 1,8 1,55 2012.464.2.4 -1.2 1,62 2007.561 10,8 13,9 3,1 1,42 2002.866 9,0 14,9 -5,9 1,.118 8,9 13,5 4,7 1,.217 12,5 11,4 1,1 1,.111 16,2. Lange tijd had Wit-Rusland een van de grootste joodse gemeenschappen in Europa (voor de Tweede wereldoorlog woonden er zo'n 400.000 joden in Wit-Rusland).

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5 ; kritiek op het staatshoofd is ten strengste verboden en wordt bestraft. Wit-Rusland is eveneens het enige europese land dat de doodstraf kent. Volgens Amnesty International krijgen familieleden enkele dagen na de executie een brief thuisgestuurd met het bericht dat de gevangene is geëxecuteerd. Terdoodveroordeelden in Wit-Rusland worden ter dood gebracht door een kogel in het achterhoofd. Volgens de meest recente gegevens telt Wit-Rusland ongeveer.492.000 inwoners. Het aantal inwoners bereikte een hoogtepunt in het jaar 1994: Wit-Rusland telde toen ruim.243.500 inwoners. De bevolking is dus met ruim 750.000 mensen afgenomen in 24 jaar tijd. Tijdens de Tweede wereldoorlog verloor Wit-Rusland een vrij groot deel van haar bevolking, namelijk zo'n anderhalf miljoen mensen in totaal (bijna twintig procent van haar bevolking).

De nederlandse benaming Wit-Rusland is derhalve een letterlijke (zij het historisch gezien niet geheel correcte) vertaling van Belarus. In officiële teksten wordt in het Nederlands de naam Wit-Rusland en Belarus gebruikt. De wit-Russische gebieden maakten sinds de veertiende eeuw deel uit van Litouwen. Toen dat land in 1569 samen met Polen een nieuwe staat vormde, werd Wit-Rusland onderdeel van dit pools-Litouwse gemenebest. Met de poolse delingen (1773/1793/1795) kwam koolhydraatarm het gebied aan Rusland en in 1922 werd het onder de naam Wit-Russische ssr een deelstaat van de sovjet-Unie. In 1990/1991 maakte wit-Rusland zich los van de sovjet-Unie en richtte samen met andere voormalige sovjetrepublieken het Gemenebest van Onafhankelijke staten. In 1994 kwam de huidige president Aleksandr loekasjenko via democratische verkiezingen aan de macht. Hij was tegen het uiteenvallen van de sovjet-Unie en maakt zich onder andere sterk voor een Euraziatische Unie. Bestuurlijke indeling bewerken bestuurlijk is Wit-Rusland opgedeeld in zes oblasten (provincies) en de hoofdstad Minsk. De oblasten zijn onderverdeeld in rayons (districten).

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Het land grenst aan, rusland in spiermassa het noordoosten, aan, oekraïne in het zuiden, aan. Polen in het westen en aan, litouwen en, letland ontsteking in het noordwesten. Wit-Rusland was samen met onder andere rusland en oekraïne een van de oorspronkelijke. Het land verklaarde zich op 25 augustus 1991 onafhankelijk, na het uiteenvallen van de sovjet-Unie. Roes', roethenië een oude historische benaming voor het gebied waar Oost-Slaven woonden. Dit gebied werd traditioneel onderverdeeld. Wit-roethenië (grotendeels het huidige wit-Rusland Zwart-roethenië (een gebied in het zuidwesten van Wit-Rusland en rood-roethenië (een gebied in Polen en oekraïne ). Later werd de naam roethenië beperkt tot het huidige gebied Oblast Transkarpatië in oekraïne.

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Some examples: 5 "He was sentenced to three years, served five, and then he got lucky and was released ahead of time." (The joke alludes to the common practice described by solzhenitsyn of arbitrarily extending the term of a sentence or adding new charges.). "Is it hard to be in the gulag?"  "Only for the first 10 years." When the quarter-century term had become the standard sentence for contravening Article 58, the standard joke was: "ok, now 25 years of life are guaranteed for you!" Armenian Radio edit main. They supply snappy or ambiguous answers to questions on politics, commodities, the economy or other subjects that were taboo during the communist era. Questions and answers from this fictitious radio station are known even outside russia. Q: What's the difference between a capitalist fairy tale and a marxist fairy tale? A: A capitalist fairy tale begins, "Once upon a time, there was.". A marxist fairy tale begins, "Some day, there will." A: In principle, yes.

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To fully appreciate this joke, a person must know that during the Cheka times, in addition to the standard taxation to which the peasants were subjected, the latter were often forced to perform samooblozhenie self-taxation after delivering a normal amount of agricultural products, prosperous. Q: How do you deal with mice in the Kremlin? A: Put up a sign saying "collective farm". Then half pulling the mice will starve, and the rest will run away. 4 This joke is an allusion to the consequences of the collectivization policy pursued by joseph Stalin between 19Gulag edit Three men are sitting in a cell in the (kgb headquarters) dzerzhinsky square.

The first asks the second why he has been imprisoned, who replies, "Because i criticized Karl Radek." The first man responds, "But i am here because i spoke out in favor of Radek!" They turn to the third man who has been sitting quietly. He answers, "I'm Karl Radek." "Lubyanka (kgb headquarters) is tallest building in the moscow. You can see siberia from its basement." Armenian Radio was asked: "Is it true that conditions in our labor camps are excellent?" Armenian Radio answers: "It is true. Five years ago a listener of ours raised the same question and was sent to one, reportedly to investigate the issue. He hasn't returned yet; we are told that he liked it there." "Comrade Brezhnev, is it true that you collect political jokes?" "Yes" "And how many have you collected so far?" "Three and a half labor camps." (Compare with a similar East German joke about. As part of this research, solzhenitsyn analyzes the humor of zeks ( gulag inmates).

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(An allusion to Brezhnev's mental feebleness coupled with the medically assisted staving off of his death. Additional comedic effect in the second variant is produced by the fact that the words 'cause' ( delo ) and 'body' ( telo ) rhyme in Russian.) Lenin coined a slogan about how communism would be achieved thanks to communist Party rule and the modernization. For this we thank our party dear! (Proshla zima, nastalo leto / Spasibo partii za eto!) One old bolshevik says to another: "no, my friend, we will not live long enough to see communism, but our children. Our poor children!" (An allusion to the slogan, "Our children will live in Communism!

some jokes allude to notions long forgotten. These relics are still funny, but may look strange. Q: Will there be kgb in communism? A: As you know, under communism, the state will be abolished, together with its means of suppression. People will know how to self-arrest themselves. The original version was about the Cheka.

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Let's shoot him on the spot!" Then he reads further: Proteins: none, sugars: none, fats: none.' you are free to go, proletarian comrade! Long live the world revolution!" Communism edit According to marxistLeninist theory, communism zuiveringszout in the strict sense is the final stage of evolution of a society after it has passed through the socialism stage. The soviet Union thus cast itself as a socialist country trying to build communism, which was supposed to be a classless society. The principle of the state capitalism of the period of transition to communism: the authorities pretend they are paying wages, workers pretend they are working. Alternatively, "So long as the bosses pretend to pay us, we will pretend to work." This joke persisted essentially unchanged through the 1980s. Satirical verses and parodies made fun of official soviet propaganda slogans. "Lenin has died, but his cause lives on!" (An actual slogan.) Punchline variant 1: Rabinovich notes: moet "I would prefer it the other way round." Variant 2: "What a coincidence: Brezhnev has died, but his body lives on".

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"I just heard the funniest joke in the world!" "Well, go ahead, tell me!" says the other judge. "I can't I just gave someone ten years for it!". Ben Lewis claims that the political conditions in the soviet Union were responsible for the unique humour produced there; 2 3 according to him, " Communism was a humour-producing machine. Its economic theories and ijzer system of repression created inherently amusing situations. There were jokes under fascism and the nazis too, but those systems did not create an absurd, laugh-a-minute reality like communism." Early soviet times edit jokes from these times have a certain historical value, depicting the character of the epoch almost as well as long. A red guards night watch spots a shadow trying to sneak. Documents!" The frightened person chaotically rummages through his pockets and drops a paper. The guards chief picks it up and reads slowly, with difficulty: " s". A foreigner, sounds like." "A spy, looks like.

Nikolay is a moron!" and was arrested roken by a policeman. "no, sir, i meant not our respected Emperor, but another nikolay!" - "Don't try to trick me: if you say "moron you are obviously referring to our tsar!". A respected merchant, sevenassov semizhopov in the original Russian wants to change his surname, and asks the Tsar for permission. The Tsar gives his decision in writing: "Permitted to subtract two asses". There were also numerous politically themed. Chastushki (Russian traditional song) in Imperial Russia. Soviet Union edit, every nation enjoys political jokes, but in the soviet Union telling political jokes could be regarded as type of extreme sport : according to, article 58 (rsfsr penal Code), " anti-soviet propaganda " was a potentially capital offense. A judge walks out of his chambers laughing his head off. A colleague approaches him and asks why he is laughing.

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Russian political jokes (or, rather, russophone political jokes) are a part. Russian humour and can be naturally grouped into the major time periods: Imperial Russia, soviet Union and finally post-soviet, russia. Quite a few political themes can be found among other standard categories. Russian joke, most jarige notably, rabinovich jokes and, radio yerevan. Contents, imperial Russia edit, in Imperial Russia, most political jokes were of the polite variety that circulated in educated society. Few of the political jokes of the time are recorded, but some were printed in a 1904 German anthology. A man was reported to have said: ".

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